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New for moviegoers: Fandango shortcuts

In honor of seeing Dune 2 tonight, I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of Fandango shortcuts:

  • Show movies in theaters: Opens Fandango to the section with movies available to go see now in theaters.
  • Show theaters nearby: Gets your current ZIP code, then opens Fandango to movie times in your area.
  • Leave for theater: Checks for a movie calendar event (automatically added via Gmail when you purchase tickets) and presents the total travel time estimates, then opens Apple Maps to get directions.
  • Find my ticket: Shows your recent movie ticket to be scanned by the tixket taker – or tap to open your ticket details.
  • Browse Fandango: Opens the Fandango app when run from iPhone or Fandango.com when run from other devices.
  • Search Fandango: Asks you to enter a query, then reformats it for Fandango’s search results and opens the URL into the app/website.
  • Show movie news: Opens the “Movie News” section of Fandango to show reporting on upcoming films.
  • Show purchase history: Opens the “My Purchases” section of your Fandango accounts to see recent tickets you’ve purchased.

Check out the folder of Fandango shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.

Apple embraces AI – Will Siri get smart in iOS 18? »

From the Upgrade Podcast on YouTube:

Jason and Myke explore the rumors of AI enhancements to Siri and Spotlight in the upcoming release of iOS 18.

Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/qROj1S0DAEY

Subscribe to the podcast and support the show at https://relay.fm/upgrade

Great perspectives on AI, Siri, and the potential of the Spotlight brand – something I’ve been pondering as well the last few weeks.

Also, I really love that Jason and Myke are clipping out topics into full videos on YouTube now – I noticed it was much easier to link to this idea than a full episode, given that it already has a custom title, thumbnail, description, and start/stopping point.

View the video YouTube.


Multiple Desktops on Mac: Turning Spaces into Home Screens (w/ Rafael Conde)

On Tuesday, February 27th, I went live with Rafael Conde discussing how to use multiple desktops and the Spaces feature of macOS to create custom arrangements for your workspaces.

Rafael works at Sketch, a Mac design tool, and develops his own apps as well (check out his site at Rafa.design).

On Mastodon, I saw Rafa post: "We're sharing how we use the Desktop and how we size/position windows on our Macs on our work Slack and it's absolute madness."

I replied "This is extremely my shit. I always want to automate this on Mac but I've worked alone for so long I have no idea how people arrange their digital workspaces" and then invited him on the show.

Throughout the 2-hour stream, we discussed being a Mac person, window management, using Spaces like an iPad Home Screen, and how the Shortcuts actions for this all should come to Apple Vision Pro.

We had a great conversation overall, and by the end got into some really interesting tangents that brought the whole discussion into new territory. I'm adding chapter markers, plus plans to clip sections and cover it in future blog posts.

Watch the stream replay on YouTube – if you leave comments in the replay chat, I can answer them at any time!

Mona 6 Moves from High Visual Customization to Advanced Automation »

From Jonathan Reed on MacStories:

There are quite a few new Shortcuts actions, so I’m going to list them all first before going into detail on several of them and how they could be used within the app:

  • Create scheduled posts
  • Get, reschedule, or delete scheduled posts
  • Send posts with media or poll attachments
  • Send replies to a specified post
  • Get the character limit of certain accounts
  • Split text for threading
  • Get, add, modify, or delete server-side filters linked to your Mastodon accounts
  • Get the post or profile currently displayed in the Mona app
  • Open the in-app post composer or search view
  • Adjust settings for video autoplay
  • Get and set image caption (e.g., combining with a third-party caption-generating action)
  • Get accessibility text of accounts or posts
  • Take a screenshot of a Mastodon post

Great set of options for Shortcuts users – I’ll definitely be testing Mona for scheduling posts.

Read the full article.

10 Shortcuts to Save your iPhone Battery »

From Stephen Robles on YouTube:

Eek out every percentage of iPhone battery with these 10 Shortcuts and automations! From low power mode to adjusting brightness and disabling always-on display at critical battery levels, this video is your ultimate guide to extending your iPhone's battery life.

📲 Get the Shortcuts

Super Low Power Mode

Lower Brightness + Toggle Auto

Auto-Brightness URL Scheme: prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITYu0026path=DISPLAY_AND_TEXT

View the video YouTube.

New shortcuts: Quick access for the YouTube app

I've just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of YouTube app shortcuts:

  • YouTube on TV: Opens the YouTube app on the chosen Apple TV, then opens the YouTube app on your mobile device – this lets you connect the two and manage your TV queue from your phone or iPad.
  • Search YouTube: Prompts you to enter a query and then opens it YouTube in Safari.
  • Open my Home feed: Opens YouTube.com on the web or redirects to the Home tab in the app.
  • Open YouTube Shorts: Opens the YouTube Shorts feed in the iOS and iPad apps, or the YouTube Shorts page on web.
  • Open my Subscriptions: Opens the Subscriptions tab in the YouTube app to show only videos from people you’ve followed.
  • Show YouTube library: Opens the link to the Library tab of YouTube, which shows your History, Watch Later, Playlists, and Liked Videos.
  • Open my Watch Later: Opens the deep link into the Watch Later page of the YouTube website, where I can then watch videos in picture-in-picture. Requires opening in Safari after showing page.
  • Browse my movies on YouTube: Opens the YouTube section for purchased movies, including films synced with Movies Anywhere.
  • Open my YouTube Clips: Opens your personal feed on Clips saved from YouTube videos. Use this feature to capture important ideas and give them custom titles, and have a feed of personalized clips to view again later.
  • Show my Liked videos: Opens the automatic playlist for Liked videos created for every YouTube account.
  • Open my watch history: Opens the deep link into the History section of the YouTube library page in the app.
  • Manage subscribed YouTube Channels: Opens the feed of channels you’ve subscribed to on YouTube – use this to directly access channels using Search, or clean up your subscriptions by removing some.
  • Watch in YouTube app: Redirects a web URL for a YouTube into the mobile app by replacing https:// with youtube:// in the link.
  • Who's live on YouTube?: Opens the Subscriptions feed sorted as a list so you can see who’s live at the top.
  • YouTube TV: Turns on my living room TV, opens the YouTube app, and shows the remote control on the current device so I can navigate the interface. When run from Mac, opens YouTube in Safari in fullscreen.

Check out the folder of YouTube app shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.

The iPhone’s Today View Is The Most Convenient Place to Run Your Shortcuts »

In Stephen Robles’ “Inside My iPhone Setup” video on YouTube, starting at 3:15, he talks about using the Today view to store the Shortcuts widget:

Dive into my full iPhone setup tour for 2024, where I showcase customized Home and Lock Screens, Today View widgets, Shortcuts, Focus Modes, and filters for maximal productivity. If you're curious about how to tailor your iPhone to fit your daily routine or have any setup questions, drop them below!

I agree that this is the best place to start out when using Shortcuts – it’s always available, even from the Lock Screen.

View the video YouTube.

Stephen Robles on the iPhone Action Button 5 Months Later… »

From Stephen Robles on YouTube:

After 5 months of experimenting with the iPhone Action Button, I've settled on one daily use that stands out above the rest. Discover the top 3 alternate uses that almost made the cut and why simplicity won the day for my action button setup.

I mentioned this video on Clockwise this week – my usage has definitely changed. And, as a teaser, Apple is making more actions for Shortcuts in iOS 17.4 that make dynamic Action button shortcuts easier to create…

View the video YouTube.