How to transfer camera settings on a Panasonic LUMIX GH5

I made a checklist (and a shortcut) for the process of how to transfer your settings from one Panasonic camera to another.

I recently got a second Panasonic LUMIX GH5 for my video setup and will now be sharing settings across two cameras regularly — thanks to a Reddit post I found the official Panasonic video explaining how to do just that:

I wanted to capture it as a proper checklist, so I came up with this step-by-step process for how to transfer settings across cameras:

  1. Go to My Menu \> Page 1 \> Save/Restore Camera Settings.
  2. Select Save, then select New File or an existing file.
  3. If New File, then select Change the file name.
  4. Turn off the camera, then eject the SD card.
  5. Put the SD card into the new camera, then turn it on.
  6. Go to My Menu \> Page 1 \> Save/Restore Camera Settings.
  7. Select Load, then pick your settings file.
  8. Press any button to clear the confirmation screen.

I saved the control to the custom “My Menu” page that can be set for quick access to your most-used functions (you know I love me some shortcuts) — otherwise, it’s located under the wrench for Setup \> Page 4 \> Save/Restore Camera Settings.

I also made a simple shortcut that creates a to-do in Things with this checklist attached and a reminder 1 minute from now — I plan on reusing this in my other shortcuts and creating multiple profiles as I get further into a dual-camera setup across formats like YouTube and livestreaming.

Check out the Transfer camera settings shortcut in my Video production folder (which is just getting started) on the Shortcuts Library.

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Transfer camera settings
Adds a checklist in Things for how to transfer Panasonic Lumix GH5 settings.

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