iOS 17.2 Includes 50 New URL Schemes You Can Use in Shortcuts on Your iPhone »

Justin Myers of GadgetHacks covers deep links for Journal, Contact Key Verification, and Accessibility settings new in iOS 17.2

From Justin Myers at GadgetHacks:

First, there are schemes for the new Journal app and Journal’s settings:

open | moments://
open | prefs:root=JOURNAL

And two for the new Contact Key Verification for iMessage setting:

highlight | prefs:root=APPLE_ACCOUNT#TRANSPARENCY
open      | prefs:root=APPLE_ACCOUNT&path=TRANSPARENCY

The article also covers new URL schemes for Accessibility and other settings added in iOS 17.2 – make sure to check out the full list and make a shortcut if you utilize these features.

View the full article on GadgetHacks.


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