New shortcuts for the Phone app in the Shortcuts Library

Built for iPhone users, these Phone app shortcuts make it easy to access your voicemail, make calls, or copy your phone number to share with others.

For iPhone users, I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of Phone shortcuts:

  • Open the Phone app: Opens the deep link to the Phone app (mobilephone://).
  • Activate noise control: Opens the deep link to the phone app, then sets playback to AirPods and turns on Noise Cancellation.
  • Open Favorites: Opens the deep link to the Favorites tab in the Phone app (mobilephone-favorites://).
  • Open recent calls: Opens the deep link into the Recents section of the Phone app to see your incoming and outgoing calls, plus any missed calls (mobilephone-recents://).
  • Open my voicemail: Opens the deep link into the Voicemail section of the Phone app (vmshow://).
  • Get my number: Gets the first phone number from your preselected contact card, copies it to the clipboard, and shows it to you in a dialog. Use to quickly show to or share with someone else.
  • Dial a number: Prompts you to enter a phone number, then asks you to confirm before calling.
  • Call a contact: Presents your list of contacts, then calls the person you select. If they have multiple numbers, asks you which one to dial.
  • Phone a friend: Looks for contacts added to a “Friends” group and asks you to pick one before calling them.
  • Call a coworker: Looks for contacts from a given company name (added on input), then asks you to choose which contact and calls them.

Check out the folder of Phone shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.

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