John Gruber: “The Vision Pro”

Gruber being Gruber, for Daring Fireball, on the Apple Vision Pro.

Gruber being Gruber, for Daring Fireball:

For the last six days, I’ve been simultaneously testing three entirely new products from Apple. The first is a VR/AR headset with eye-tracking controls. The second is a revolutionary spatial computing productivity platform. The third is a breakthrough personal entertainment device.

A headset, a spatial productivity platform, and a personal entertainment device.

I’m sure you’re already getting it. These are not three separate devices. They’re one: Apple Vision Pro. But if you’ll pardon the shameless homage to Steve Jobs’s famous iPhone introduction, I think these three perspectives are the best way to consider it.

I also like this bit:

You can do seemingly crazy things like put a VisionOS application window outside a real-world window.

Read the full post on Daring Fireball.

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