Move from Ulysses to iA Writer

Just created this new shortcut Move from Ulysses to iA Writer:

Gets sheets from a group in Ulysses, asks which one to use, then adds it into iA Writer via their URL scheme. Only accepts text, so you’ll have to move over any images.

I’ll be using this to move my iMore articles out of Ulysses and into iA Writer when I want to edit them, add images according to iMore’s file naming system, and prepare them for uploading to the web.

Ulysses doesn’t allow the actual filenames of images to be renamed, so I have to use iA Writer near the end. Ulysses does allow for adding titles to images, but I want the actual file itself renamed for SEO purposes – so I built this shortcut to move my pieces over.

Get the shortcut or view a full screenshot.

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