New in the Shortcuts Library: Regal Cinemas shortcuts

If you're heading to the movies regularly and have Regal theaters nearby, use these shortcuts to make the most of your moviegoing experience – works best with Regal Unlimited.

I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of Regal Cinemas shortcuts:

  • Show my Regal Unlimited Card: Opens the Regal website to your Unlimited account page so you can tap to reveal the QR code for your card number.
  • Show my Regal orders: Opens the Regal site to your orders so you can see past or upcoming tickets.
  • Open Regal cinemas site: Opens the main Regal Cinemas website to show curated categories like Now Playing, Coming Soon, Saturday Morning Kids Flicks, and Limited Engagement pictures.
  • Show Regal movies: Opens the “Movies” page of Regal Cinemas so you can see current, upcoming, and special release films that are available to buy tickets for.
  • Show Regal theaters: Opens to a page of nearby theaters available from Regal Cinemas.
  • Browse my favorite Regal theaters: Presents a menu of your favorite nearby theaters, then opens the corresponding URLs for that theater so you can buy tickets.
  • Open Regal Mystery Movies: Opens the site for Regal Cinemas’ Mystery Movies, where they show an upcoming film without releasing which movie it is ahead of time.
  • Show my Regal account: Opens the main Account page of your Regal Cinemas profile, where you can log in and see an Overview of your past upcoming & past books, plus rewards status.
  • Show Regal promotions: Opens the Regal cinemas Promotions page where you can see new categories, current promos, available upgrades, and special engagements.
  • Open Regal Crown Club: Opens the Regal Crown Club site where you can see your credit balance, check out featured rewards, order gift cards, and link out to even more member deals.
  • Show Regal value days: Opens the Regal cinemas Promotions page for Value Days to see prices and days for low-cost tickets at your nearby theaters.
  • Show Print and Poster rewards: Opens the Regal Crown Club rewards for items like movie posters and special prints.
  • Show Regal store: Opens the Regal Cinemas store where you can buy branded merch from current movies or the Regal brand itself.
  • Show Merchandise rewards: Opens the Regal Crown Club merchandise page where you can see physical products for sale like the Dune or Ghostbusters popcorn buckets.
  • Show Concessions and Ticket rewards: Opens the Regal Crown Club section for Concessions and Ticket rewards, like discounts on popcorn or free passes/upgrades.
  • Open Regal TV: Opens the Regal Cinemas app on the selected Apple TV, then shows the Remote so you can navigate.

Check out the folder of Regal Cinemas shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.