Siri to gain deep Shortcuts integration in iOS 18, Apple spending millions per day on conversational AI »

According to a report from The Information, Apple is investing heavily in some combination of language models and Shortcuts to augmenet Siri's capabilities – read the summary from 9to5Mac.

From 9to5Mac, covering a report from The Information:

According to the report, we should expect to see Siri gain deeper integration with Apple’s automation tool Shortcuts as part of iOS 18.

The Information says Apple’s Siri team “plans to incorporate language models to let users of the voice assistant automate complex tasks in ways they currently cannot,” like turning the last five photos taken into a GIF with a voice command.

“The new capability is related to Apple’s Shortcuts app, which lets users manually program a series of actions using different apps and is expected to be released alongside a new version of the iPhone’s operating system next year,” per The Information.

Interesting, might check this Shortcuts stuff out.

Read the article and view the full report.

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