Add to App Store wish list

Keep track of apps you want to buy by storing them in a Reminders list with the price in the title.

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This is my own custom system built to replace the Wish List feature that was removed from the App Store a few years ago.

This shortcut looks for a reminder called “App Store wish list” (and creates one if it doesn’t exist), then takes the shortcut input or link from your clipboard, searches for it on the App Store backend, then inserts all the useful metadata into a new reminder that’s a subtask of the “App Store wish list.”

That way, you have one collapsible view of all your wish list items available underneath a single reminder – plus each item has extra information to help you make your decision.

I really wish Apple would restore the Wish List feature of the App Store, as it was really helpful for storing apps that I wanted to buy later but didn’t want to purchase immediately – instead now I just tend to forget about them.

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tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Add to App Store wish list” end tell

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