Toggle the Christmas lights

Turns your HomeKit Christmas lights on or off depending on the current state.

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Shortcut Information

The shortcut checks, the power state of a specific HomeKit device, and, if there already is power, turns the device off, and if there is no power, turns it on.

Use this shortcut for a HomeKit-powered light switch with your Christmas lights connected as a one-tap shortuct to turn them on and off as needed — works well as a single Shortcuts widget on the Home Screen

Actions Used

Get the state of [Home]
Get the state of [name of Home set up in the Home app).
Tests if a condition is true, and if so, runs the actions inside. Otherwise, the actions under “Otherwise” are run.
Control [Home]
Set the state of [name of Home set up in the Home app] by selecting scenes and accessories to automate.

Extra Details

Run Shortcut deep link
Open Shortcut deep link
AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Toggle the Christmas lights” end tell

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