Basic actions

If you’re new to Shortcuts, these actions are the least complex and should be self-explanatory based on the title or description.

Some of these are deceivingly staightforward too – as just one piece of the puzzle, the utility may not be clear, but Related Actions can help show how to use each in context.

These actions aren’t “just for beginners” either – some simple actions are the most-used.

Get Addresses from Input
Returns any street addresses found in the output from the previous action.
Show Remote Control
Shows the Apple TV remote in Control Center.
Open App on Apple TV
Launches an app on the specified Apple TV.
Play/Pause Apple TV
Plays or pauses media currently playing on the specified Apple TV>
Wake Apple TV
Wakes the specified Apple TV.
Launch Screen Saver
Launches screen saver on the specific Apple TV.
Switch to Light/Dark Mode
Switches to Light/Dark mode on the specified Apple TV.
Switch User Account
Switches user account on the specified Apple TV.
Toggle Captions on Apple TV
Toggles captions on the specified Apple TV.
Toggle Reduce Loud Sounds
Toggles Reduce Loud Sounds on the specified Apple TV.
Open App
Opens the specified app.
Get Details of Articles
Extracts information from an article, including title, author, published date, body, excerpt, number of words, main image URL, URL, and name.
Shazam It
Uses the microphone to listen to and identify nearby media. Media identification provided by Shazam:
Add New Event
Creates a new event and adds it to the selected calendar.
Get Upcoming Events
Gets upcoming calendar events, ordered from nearest to farthest away in time. Choose a calendar, number of events, and the day to retrieve from.