Basic actions

If you’re new to Shortcuts, these actions are the least complex and should be self-explanatory based on the title or description.

Some of these are deceivingly staightforward too – as just one piece of the puzzle, the utility may not be clear, but Related Actions can help show how to use each in context.

These actions aren’t “just for beginners” either – some simple actions are the most-used.

Search Web
Searches the web for the text provided as input.
Get Phone Numbers from Input
Returns any phone numbers found in the output from the previous action.
Show Alert
Displays an alert with a title, a message, and two buttons. If the user selects the OK button, the shortcut continues. The cancel button stops the shortcut.
Change Background Sound
Turns background sounds on or off. Background sounds mask unwanted environmental noise and can be used when media is playing. Background sounds can also be enabled under Accessibility in Settings.
Select Contact
Prompts to pick a person from your contacts and passes the selection to the next action.