What’s New in Shortcuts: Issue 97

My newsletter is back along with regular blog content, my new member podcast, and videos coming soon...

From Issue 97 of my Shortcuts newsletter:

Welcome to Issue 97 of What’s New in Shortcuts!

It’s been too long since my last newsletter – but we’re back just after the iOS 17 public beta, with coverage in full swing after my post-WWDC vacation (and first case of COVID 😖).

Since last time, I’ve revamped my process for the Shortcuts Catalog, restarted regular coverage on my blog, dug deep on YouTube videos (coming very soon), and, last but not least, have just published the first episode of my new membership podcast.

My goal with these changes is to cover the same material I’ve always published in the newsletter, while exposing each story to a larger audience. Plus, this change makes it feasible to produce regular newsletters now that I’m without a tool with quick integrations like Revue – I’m using MailerLite’s excellent RSS integration instead.

Members will also receive more frequent, shorter emails covering new members-only content when it is published – look out for those in your inbox if you’re subscribed.

And, as always, you can subscribe to all my blog posts using your feed reader of choice using matthewcassinelli.com/rss.

Until next issue, here’s what’s new in Shortcuts:

Read the full issue on MailerLite.

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