25 Apple Vision Pro Secrets & Hidden Features from Andru Edwards

Creator Andru Edwards has a great 13-minute video walking you through helpful tips for Apple Vision Pro – bet there’s at least one you didn’t know about.

Good set of Apple Vision Pro tips from Andru Edwards on YouTube:

Here’s your key to unlocking the full potential of the Apple Vision Pro secret features. Get a look at a bunch of hidden features that Apple has seamlessly integrated into this device. From discovering quirky Easter eggs in various Environments to mastering the use of spatial audio in FaceTime calls, these Apple Vision Pro tips and tricks will change how you use your Apple Vision Pro.

You’ll also learn how to effectively utilize the unique gesture controls, optimize your device for the best viewing experience, and much more. Don’t miss out on the bonus feature at the end, showing you how to get the perfect fit with the solo knit band vs dual loop band.


00:00 – Apple Vision Pro Secret Features

00:18 – Apple Vision Pro Environment Easter Eggs

00:50 – Apple Vision Pro Environments Have Different Sound Profile

01:14 – Change Volume of Environments

01:33 – Apple Vision Pro Apps Will Stay Where You Leave Them

02:25 – Transport Apps

02:46 – Bring Apps With You

03:07 – Touch Vision Pro Apps

03:39 – Apple Vision Pro Pinch and Hold Gesture

04:09 – How to Force Quit Apple Vision Pro Apps

04:30 – Apple Vision Pro Light Seal Cushions

05:11 – Increase Apple Vision Pro FOV

05:47 – How To Enable Apple Vision Pro Guest Mode

06:32 – Mirror Apple Vision Pro Display

06:58 – Fast Charge Apple Vision Pro

07:29 – Free iTunes Library 3D Upgrades

08:19 – Apple Music Mini Player

08:58 – Make A Better Apple Vision Pro Persona

10:28 – Apple Vision Pro Personas Work In Several Apps

10:44 – How to See Your Own Apple Vision Pro EyeSight

11:17 – Separate Volume Settings in Apple Vision Pro

11:36 – Use Mac Keyboard u0026 Trackpad with Apple Vision Pro Apps

12:04 – Solo Knit Band vs Dual Loop Band

I knew you could AirPlay to Mac displays, but I’ve never had an iPad or iPhone open while trying to share my view – perhaps there’s a convoluted solution for live-streaming here where I film my iPad screen showing what I’m doing in visionOS…

View the video YouTube.

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