New Shortcuts Directory curates links for getting started with Siri Shortcuts

Shortcuts creator and designer Brad Siefert has created a dedicated website for people looking to discover various links and creators related to Siri Shortcuts – check out the new Shortcuts Directory.

The site includes collections links related to building, sharing, and learning more about how to use Shortcuts, including:

  • Gallery sites
  • Enthusiast creators
  • Extension apps
  • Podcasts
  • Paid training
  • Communities
  • News & blogs
  • Power tools
  • History of the app
  • International groups

The Shortcuts Directory is also open for submissions, which you can add on the website.

I strongly encourage anyone who reads my website and wants to create a Shortcuts collection of their own to do so, then submit it here – publish it on your own website, on Medium, where ever you choose.

But each person’s ideas for shortcuts have lots of value – the various Shortcuts communities will grow stronger with your active contribution.

Thank you to Brad for creating this resource for everyone—I’m of course honored to be included—and I look forward to seeing more of you on there soon!

Explore the Shortcuts Directory and follow Brad on Twitter.

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