Apple embraces AI – Will Siri get smart in iOS 18? »

Jason Snell and Myke Hurley discuss Apple's artificial intelligence investments, the idea of Spotlight as their AI brand, and rumors about Siri improvements coming in iOS 18.

From the Upgrade Podcast on YouTube:

Jason and Myke explore the rumors of AI enhancements to Siri and Spotlight in the upcoming release of iOS 18.

Watch the full episode:

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Great perspectives on AI, Siri, and the potential of the Spotlight brand – something I’ve been pondering as well the last few weeks.

Also, I really love that Jason and Myke are clipping out topics into full videos on YouTube now – I noticed it was much easier to link to this idea than a full episode, given that it already has a custom title, thumbnail, description, and start/stopping point.

View the video YouTube.


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