What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #025

Hello everyone!

After last week’s preview, I’ve officially launched my updated Shortcuts Library – check out the blog post to read my thoughts about the changes.

I’m also excited to start sharing the next batch of shortcuts with members—l’ll be putting out my Daily Health shortcut next issue—plus I’m starting in on new sections for the Catalog!

Until then, here’s some fun stuff to check out this week:


This week I started up my iMore freelance articles again, had my first Shortcuts chat on Clubhouse, and what I’ll be covering in this Sunday’s member stream:

  • **How to Allow Untrusted Shortcuts | iMore**
    To help out any new users first getting into Shortcuts, I wrote up an article on the somewhat confusing process of toggling the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts button in the Settings app – plus I covered some of the security implications of doing so. This is going to be linked on the footer of my website too, should you ever forget the steps!
  • Join the “Beyond The Gallery” club on Clubhouse
    Michael Doise has created a club for people to talk about Siri Shortcuts on Clubhouse – there’s no link for this, so if you’re on the app make sure to search for “Beyond the Gallery” and join up! I jumped into a room with Michael and Jeff Bishop over the weekend and had a great chat, so I’d love to talk with you all there as well. Also, check out the episode of Parallel I did with Michael and host Shelly Brisbin about Shortcuts on Relay FM back in 2018.
  • Join me for a fun members’ stream this Sunday** ?
    I’m hosting another livestream for members this Sunday at 9 a.m. PST! This time I’ll be walking folks through my **biggest shortcut yet
    —Music Pal—and turning parts of it into voice shortcuts, plus building out Personal Automations for my master playlists as well as multi-room audio shortcuts for HomePod and other smart speakers. Click here to set a reminder on YouTube or remember to type in Shortcuts.Live—or my Livestream shortcut—to redirect to the embedded video when it’s time.


This week we’ve got links for Shortcuts Automations, designing for voice, and a ReGex showdown:


If you’re new here, make sure to check out my shortcut for communities – particularly because it includes instructions on how to join the Shortcuts User Group on Slack. It works by presenting a menu built to my custom online communities like:

  • Opening Clubhouse to chat with people I know from online
  • Opening into the Shortcuts User Group slack
  • Joining/sharing the link to join the Shortcuts User Group
  • Opening into various Discord channels in the Relay FM community
    I’d love to have you join us!

Get the Community shortcut

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