What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue 99

In this issue: Automations finally live up to their name, Camera app gets shortcuts, App Shortcuts on Apple Watch and HomePod, a new Apple Music Discovery shortcut, and Keynote templates.

From Issue 99 of my Shortcuts newsletter:

Since the last issue at the end of July, we’ve seen two beta releases – and with it, a major change to Shortcuts automations in the form of Location automations gaining true background support.

Plus, App Shortcuts are coming to Apple Watch and HomePod – make sure to read up on the limitations, however.

Further, the Camera app actions teased in the developer sessions are now out – I got to test them in a real-life situation at a music festival this weekend.

Also, I made Apple Music’s new Discovery Radio into a shortcut, and released a set of Keynote shortcuts I’ve been using lately for some client work.

Otherwise, we’re looking ahead at the home stretch ahead of the full iOS 17 release coming in September – I hope apps are updating their App Shortcuts for Spotlight!

Until next issue, here’s what’s new in Shortcuts:

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