Apple execs talk updates on The Talk Show, WVFRM with MKBHD

John Gruber and MKBHD interviewed Apple executives just after WWDC – make sure to watch/listen.

Every year for the past few years, John Gruber of Daring Fireball has interviewed an Apple executive or two on his podcast The Talk Show, just after WWDC and often in a venue right nearby the conference.

This year, as with everything else WWDC, it was done online, with special guests Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Apple, and Greg Jozwiak, Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing.

Federighi and “Joz” filmed from Apple Park (in seemingly separate rooms, as one does nowadays) over the web with Gruber for over an hour and a half, which you can watch on YouTube:

These interviews a rather personal touch that’s typically been reserved for the live event, perhaps giving viewers new insight into how Apple works – direct from Apple executives themselves.

Topics like “Will macOS merge with iPadOS?” are answered with comments like (paraphrasing here) “No, I’m not sure how we can be much more clear about that” in ways that are refreshing and help pull back some of the mystery or speculation around the company.

I highly recommend anyone who’s interested in Apple watch the whole video1.

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee also has an interview with Craig Federighi, available in full on the podcast WVFRM, so make sure to listen to that too.

Plus, MKBHD curated a list of questions from the community and made this video available from material cut from the podcast:


  1. I hope John eventually adds chapter markers to the YouTube video by adding timestamp links in the description so people can easily find and rewatch specific segments later on. 

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