AirScrobble adds Shortcuts support for Last.FM »

If you love to track your music with Last.FM, AirScrobble brings Shortcuts support for the service – check it out.

From Tomás Martins on Mastodon in early August:

I’ve just released a new update for AirScrobble, which brings the vast majority of services provided by’s API into the Shortcuts app for the first time on an iOS app!

Now you can leverage the data from your profile and website in your automations through over 35 easy-to-use and customizable actions, complete with instructions to help you get started. With more than 35 available actions, you can fetch info from songs, artists, charts, and profiles!

Great set of actions – I do hope Tomás considers grouping some of these actions under similar functions, however, as 35 is a bit hard to process.

View the post and get AirScrobble on the App Store.

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