Automadon app provides dedicated Shortcuts actions for Mastodon »

Automadon is a dedicated utility for providing Shortcuts actions for Mastodon – check out the set for Lists, Posts, Accounts, and more.

From Automadon on Mastodon, back at the end of July:

Automadon is live in the App Store!

Unlock the power of Mastodon with custom Shortcuts actions. Explore the in-app gallery of sample shortcuts to get started and let us know what shortcuts you come up with!

Automadon has tons of actions for things like Posts, Timelines, Lists, Accounts, and Attachments – the set looks full of promising functionality similar to what I’ve partially built off the Mastodon API. However, I much prefer third-party developers build out dedicated actions rather than having to do all this work myself – I’m looking forward to trying these out.

If anyone wants to tackle Airtable for me next…

View the post and get Automadon on the App Store.

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