Apple’s “Let Loose” iPad Event was Shot on iPhone — With Panavision Lenses

Stu Maschwitz delivers again with a breakdown of how Apple shot their latest even “on iPhone” – which he specifically thinks *is* fair to use.

From Stu Maschwitz on his site Prolost:

Apple unveiled their new line of iPads yesterday in a pre-recorded video titled “Let Loose.” As with the previous “Scary Fast” MacBook Pro launch video, “Let Loose” ends with a tag proclaiming “Shot on iPhone” — this time adding “Edited on Mac and iPad,” and the fine print: “All presenters, locations, and aerial footage shot on iPhone.”

During the live stream I actively wondered if the iPhone acquisition of “Scary Fast” had been a one-time thing. “Let Loose” looks great, as all Apple videos do, but some shots featured a shallower depth-of-field than is possible with an iPhone-sized lens and sensor combo. At the end of the event, I wondered publicly on Threads about this.

Great details from Stu as usual, and an awesome look at how to soup up your iPhone with extra gear.

View the blog post (via @5tu on Mastodon).

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