How to Open Threads Profiles from Mastodon and Twitter Directly in the Threads App »

If you're running into issues opening Thread profiles into the app, this shortcut from MacStories is for you – set it up with Back Tap and you're good to go.

Federico Viticci of MacStories:

Instagram just rolled out Threads, the company’s new text-based social network that’s been advertised over the past few weeks as an alternative to Twitter. I’m trying out Threads (you can find my account at and in the process of setting up the list of people I want to follow, I immediately run into an annoying issue that I fixed with a shortcut.
However, when I click on profile URLs from the popular app Ivory, I get an error because the app thinks I clicked on a Mastodon profile URL:
It’s not any better on the Twitter website: after logging in with my account and clicking on some profile URLs, I was presented with Threads webpages that do not have a Follow button at all:

Federico solves the problem with OCR and, of all things, Back Tap – and it works really well.

View the story on MacStories.

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