Shortcut to search replies and quotes for a tweet »

Search through a given tweet's Replies and Quotes using this shortcut from Twitter user @colleidoscope.

Twitter user @colleidoscope shared this shortcut for quickly searching replies and quotes to a specific tweet:

The shortcut scrapes the current tweet’s ID from the URL, then takes advantage of Twitter’s search operators to build an advanced query:

(min_faves:1 OR min_replies:1)
(-filter:safe OR filter:safe) include:nativeretweets (conversation_id:ID OR quoted_tweet_id:ID)

Twitter’s quality control issues notwithstanding, this is useful for finding that one quote tweet you swore you saw, or digging through a massive list of replies from popular accounts – what a clever use of Twitter Search.

Get the shortcut from @colleidoscope’s tweet.

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