Shortcuts Live – Adopting App Shortcuts in iOS 16

Join me on YouTube with three special developer guests as we livestream about App Shortcuts and their experience adopting it in iOS 16.

Join me live with special guest developers Emmanuel Crouvisier of CardPointers, Michael Tigas of Focused Work, and Will Bishop of Pestle, Chirp for Twitter, and Nano for Reddit as we stream about everything App Shortcuts in iOS 16.

We’ll be live on Monday September 19th at 5:00 PM PST / Tuesday September 20th at 9:30 AM ACST on YouTube:

All three guests are app developers who dove into the new “App Intents” API available from Apple this year, which power the new App Shortcuts and Focus Filters features.

We’ll discuss what it was like adopting the new technology, how they’ve implemented App Shortcuts for their specific type of apps, and what they’re looking to do next with their apps.

Here’s the stream on YouTube where you can get notified when the stream goes live or catch the full replay afterwards.

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