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Sample shortcut showing how One Thing can be used to show progress.

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This shortcut demonstrates how the app One Thing for Mac can be used to display useful information in the Menu Bar by passing data inside a repeating loop.

This shortcut was inspired by a conversation with Jason Snell over Mastodon, so I used an example idea where Jason might want to download recent blog posts as HTML and see how far along his downloader was progressing as it is running.

When the shortcut runs, the menu bar item for One Thing will update with 10% complete, 20% complete, 30%… etc.

Use this shortcut as inspiration for your own workflows that could use better visual feedback in the Menu Bar and have a similar repeating loop that takes a while to finish.

Actions Used

Get Items from RSS Feed
Downloads the latest items from an RSS feed.
Counts the number of items, characters, words, sentences, or lines passed as input.

Note (from Apple, for real)
This is just like the Count in Sesame Street, but instead of a vampire, it’s a Shortcuts action.
Repeat with Each
Takes a list of items as input, and runs the contained actions once for each item in the list.
Get Contents of Web Page
Extracts the contents of the web pages passed into the action.
Save File
Save files to iCloud Drive. Turn off “Ask Where to Save” in order to specify a destination path in the Shortcuts folder.
Calculate Expression
Evaluates the mathematical expression in the given input string and outputs the result as a number.

Extra Details

Run Shortcut deep link
Open Shortcut deep link
AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “One Thing progress bar” end tell

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