Apple Tests ‘Apple GPT,’ Develops Generative AI Tools to Catch OpenAI »

According to Bloomberg, Apple is testing their own generative AI tool called "Ajax" internally – here's why I think it needs to take advantage of Shortcuts.

From Mark Gurman at Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. is quietly working on artificial intelligence tools that could challenge those of OpenAI Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and others, but the company has yet to devise a clear strategy for releasing the technology to consumers.

The iPhone maker has built its own framework to create large language models — the AI-based systems at the heart of new offerings like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard — according to people with knowledge of the efforts. With that foundation, known as “Ajax,” Apple also has created a chatbot service that some engineers call “Apple GPT.”

I hope Apple takes advantage of Shortcuts and the App Intents framework to make Siri actually do things for you, not just tell you information. If Ajax doesn’t utilize Shortcuts, they’re missing out on the biggest competitive advantage they already have built out.

Read the full article on Bloombergor in Apple News.

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