Arc Search Updated To Be Usable on iPad, Tablet Design Comes Later »

The Browser Company has updated Arc Search to work on iPad – but they're leaving a fully "reimagined" tablet version for later and getting you a usable version now.

From Julia Roggatz at The Browser Company (and formerly of Muse) in a thread on Twitter:

Arc on iPad is here! 🚀

(Well, sort of…)

We heard you loud and clear, and today’s update of Arc Search will finally be usable on your iPad.

Arc Search was designed for your phone, and we’ll continue to make it our core mission to bring you the best browsing experience on the go.

But so many of you have asked for a better experience on the iPad as well, and we don’t want to keep you waiting.

Arc Search now comes with an iPad version that has all your favorite features and a browsing experience that’s streamlined for a larger screen.


While we hope to eventually explore a version of “Arc on iPad” that’s reimagined for the tablet form factor from the ground up, we wanted to give you something that we can build fast, and that you can use today.

I honestly love this approach and wish more apps would do this. iPad users are willing to wait for better versions, but leaving us without anything now means your app can’t be part of our workflow at all.

View the tweet and get Arc Search for iPad.

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