My Favorite Shortcuts

Open my Ivory timeline
Shows your Mastodon Home feed in Ivory.
Open my lists in Ivory
Shows your Mastodon Lists in Ivory.
Browse Trending posts in Ivory
Shows the Search tab in Ivory, which shows the Trending posts feature under Browse.
Open my mentions in Ivory
Shows the Mentions-only tab in Ivory with replies to your Mastodon posts.
Open my notifications in Ivory
Shows your Mastodon notifications in Ivory.
Open my favorites in Ivory
Shows posts you’ve starred on Mastodon in Ivory.
Open my stats in Ivory
Shows the custom Mastodon statistics tab in Ivory.
Open bookmarks in Ivory
Shows Mastodon posts you’ve bookmarked in Ivory.
Open my profile in Ivory
Shows the Profile tab in Ivory.
Switch Mastodon accounts in Ivory
Prompts you to pick between Mastodon accounts set up in Ivory.
View a profile in Ivory
Asks you to enter a Mastodon username, then displays the account in Ivory.
Search in Ivory
Asks you for a query, then searches your posts or Mastodon users in Ivory.
Open my filters in Ivory
Shows your Mastodon filters in Ivory, including users, keywords, and hashtags.
Follow @matthewcassinelli in Ivory
Shows @[email protected] in the Profile popover in Ivory – follow me!
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Things project template
Creates a detailed project with headings, tasks, and tags for everything.
Open links from Today
Asks you to pick from tasks assigned to Today and opens any URLs in the Notes.
Create Things Show URL from ID
Takes an item ID and adds it to the Things deep link back to that item.
Task Countdown Chart
Generate a widget chart based on your completed vs total tasks for the day.
Add shortcuts folder to Things
Creates a project for a Folder in Shortcuts, then adds each shortcut as a to-do with a link to open the shortcut.
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Open Things project
Asks you to pick an area, then project from that area, then opens it in Things.
Open Things areas
Lets you pick from all your Areas and opens it in Things.
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Things Quick Entry Research
Saves the current link using a pop-up for Things.
Open Things research links
Choose from URLs in the Research area to open.
Edit Last Video
YouTube RSS Feed Bundle
https: or or or feed or subscriptions
Get Youtube Channel ID
Answer comments on a video 1
Pauses any current media, lowers the volume and brightness to a reasonable amount, turns off any extra network activity, turns on DnD, then presents a menu of actions to take in the YouTube app, including:

– a custom queue
– searching with voice or going straight to Subscriptions
– opening History, Watch Later, and Playlists
– opening shared links for CornerTube automatically
– using Shazam and opening the music video for the song
Tweet YouTube link out
Tweet YouTube link
Get description from YouTube video
Embed a YouTube video
Download thumbnail
Grabs a thumbnail from a given YouTube video by putting the ID in the endpoint of a static URL on YouTube’s end and requesting a download of the asset.
Open YouTube Shorts
Create video notes folder
Get latest YouTube video
Log Letterboxd entry to calendar
Adds your recent movie reviews as all-day events on your calendar.
Share Letterboxd entry
Asks you to pick a movie review to share with others.
Open Letterboxd entry
Lets you pick from movies in your Letterboxd RSS feed and opens one.
Log Letterboxd entry to WordPress
Creates a post on your blog linking back to a chosen Letterboxd entry.
Log Letterboxd entry to Day One
Save movie entries to your daily journal.
Copy Letterboxd RSS
Get recent posts from your Letterboxd movie diary.
Add with Fantastical
Prompts you to type in an event/reminder entry, then adds it using Fantastical’s natural language.