My Favorite Shortcuts

Open Apple TV Search
Opens the Search page in the TV app, letting you quickly type out a query or pick from their curated categories.
Open Apple TV home
Opens the main Home tab of the TV app where you can view and add content to your Up Next queue.
Open Apple TV Store
Opens the Srore tab of the TV app to show the top TV shows and Movies that are on sale.
Open my Library
Opens the TV app to your library view of Recent Purchases of movies and tv shows.
Open Apple TV+
Opens the TV app to the Apple TV+ tab to show content from your subscription.
Open Amazon Customer Service portal
Opens the Amazon customer service page where you can get help with recent items or search Amazon’s help library.
Open Amazon Holiday Gift Guide
Opens Amazon’s dedicated page for its Holiday Gift Guide with curated recommendations and discounted items.
Open Amazon Moves and Shakers
“Our biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours. Updated hourly.”
Open Amazon New Releases
“Our best-selling new and future releases. Updated hourly.”
Open Amazon Home
Opens the category page on Amazon for products for the house, like gardening, kitchen supplies, furniture, and bedding.
Open Amazon wish lists
Opens your Amazon wish list page where you can curate items you want, and share your lists with others.
Open Browsing History on Amazon
Opens your recently-viewed items on Amazon so you can back to something you were just looking at.
Open Buy Again on Amazon
Opens Amazon to your list of recent purchases that you might want to buy again.
Open Most Gifted on Amazon
“Our most popular products ordered as gifts. Updated daily.”
Open Most Wished For on Amazon
“Our products most often added to Wishlists and Registries. Updated daily.”
Open Subscribe and Save
Takes you to the page on Amazon where you can set up subscription orders for repeat purchases.
Open Today’s Deals on Amazon
Opens the daily deals section of Amazon where you can see items that are discounted for today only.
Open Top Picks For You on Amazon
Opens the curated section of Amazon that suggests products based on your past purchase and browsing history.
Order Amazon Basics
Opens the portal page for their Basics line of products that Amazon produces for commonly-purchased items.
Order Pet Supplies on Amazon
Opens the Amazon category page for pets like dogs, cats, and hamsters.
View AirBnb listings
Opens the URL for on Mac and the AirBnB app on iOS.
Explore nearby experiences
Opens the URL to AirBnB’s experiences page set to find nearby options.
Open my starred listings
Opens the “Mobile Starred Listings” wishlist created automatically by AirBnb when you favorite a listing in the app.
Check on my Airbnb
Opens the URL for AirBnb’s “Trips” page on Mac and uses the native shortcut on iOS.
Drive to my AirBnb
Gets driving directions from your current location to the pre-programmed address of your AirBnb (add it here upon booking).
View AirBnb messages
Opens the URL for the AirBnb guest Inbox so you can view and interact with messages from your hosts.
Check AirBnB help
Opens the AirBnb help portal for guests where see guides for getting started, and to get help with your reservations, account, and more.
Open Feedback
Opens the Feedback app – does not require a beta.
File new Feedback
Opens Feedback Assistant on macOS and presses Command + N to create a new feedback report.
Create sample shortcut
Prompts you to name a shortcut to demonstrate a bug and file as Feedback.
Take Feedback screenshot
Takes a screenshot of your issue and saves it to Files, to be added into a Feedback report.
Grab a system diagnostic
Opens the Privacy tab in Settings so you can open Analytics and Improvements > Analytics data. On macOS, opens the Library to Diagnostic Reports in your Logs.

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Copy iCloud link for Feedback
Asks you to pick a folder, then a shortcut to open and copy as an iCloud link to paste into your Feedback report.
Watch Developer sessions
When run from Mac, opens the Apple Developer app and presses Command + 2 to switch to your Bookmarks. When run from iPhone or iPad, opens the Developer app on the Apple TV.
Prep for session screenshots
Resizes the Apple Developer window to the second screen at my preferred size for taking screenshots, then opens Craft and centers it on the main display.
Search Apple Developer sessions
Asks you to enter a search query, then URL encodes the result, and opens the results on the web.
Browse Apple Developer topics
Presents a list of categories from Apple’s developer pages, then reformats the option of your choosing into the URL for that category and opens it.
Open Software Update
Opens the Software Update section of Settings to see if new betas and updates are available.
Check beta release notes
Presents a menu of platform types, then opens the corresponding release notes page on Apple’s website.
Show Passwords
Opens the Passwords tab of the Settings app to let you access yours or a shared vault.
Search Passwords
Prompts you to type in a search, then applies the query in the Passwords section of Settings.
Show my 2-factor passwords
Searches Passwords for a manually-added keyword “auth” on your logins so you can find all your 2-factor codes right away.
Show my Amazon password
Searches the Passwords database for your Amazon account login details.
Show my Apple ID password
Searches the Passwords database for “AppleID” for when you need to authorize something.