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What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #096

From the latest issue of my Shortcuts newsletter:

Welcome to Issue 96 of What’s New in Shortcuts – this mid-month update is full of Shortcuts news as we head into the iOS 16.4 beta cycle.

Apple published more release notes looking back at what was fixed in iOS 16.3, plus the Shortcuts community discovered a new set of helpful actions (and bugs) from the newest developer betas.

In the Shortcuts Catalog, I published a new five-part series of blog posts on Mastodon Lists and interacting with the API using Shortcuts.

In the community, creators shared great shortcuts for Micropub posting, creative Alfred workflows, and inspirational ideas that resonate with how I think about Shortcuts.

Plus, Shortcuts-powered apps are always releasing new updates – I am a big fan of Raycast’s confetti option ?

All that, and more – here’s what’s new in Shortcuts from February 11th-20th, 2023:

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What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #095

Welcome to Issue 95 of What’s New in Shortcuts – it’s the second Friday in February and I’ve got a huge newsletter for you!

Creativity in the Shortcuts community is super high right now—maybe it’s from folks connecting more on Mastodon?—but the ideas coming out in just the last 10 days are excellent across the board.

This issue includes my new Mastodon Lists shortcuts, article & video guides from Shortcuts creators, a whole slew of AI shortcuts that keep getting more & more interesting, and lots of clever ideas from folks sharing their individual workflows — plus, more Feedback for Apple.

I continue to have too much fun with the subtitles in these – enjoy:

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What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #094

Welcome to Issue 94 of What’s New in Shortcuts – it’s hard to believe January is over and we’re already starting in on February.

The new M2 Macs have already been reviewed and shipped, plus the 2nd generation HomePod reviews are out before going on sale in-stores on Friday.

Since last issue, we also saw three major apps integrate with Shortcuts (Ivory, Things, and Pythonista), plus quick app updates, blog posts to read, shortcuts to add, and automation ideas to get inspired by.

Plus, I shared some feedback from folks in the community, highlighted some interesting details in the Shortcuts Spotlight section, and had a little too much fun with the subtitles in this one – enjoy:

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What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #091

Welcome to Issue 91 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” – I’m sneaking in one last issue on Revue!

I just got back from playing superheroes with my nephew in Portland over Christmas and I’m feeling super refreshed for next year – I hope you all had a chance to relax over the holiday break.

In this issue, we have more adventures with Mastodon, a new Stable Diffusion AI app with Shortcuts support, great Automation ideas, and some more newsletter housekeeping ahead of 2023.

Stay tuned for future newsletters on the 10th, 20th, and 31st of each month next year – details below:

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What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #090

Welcome to Issue 90 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — this is the last issue of 2022, and, as such, I wanted to thank you all for your readership this past year.

In 2022, I sent 25 issues covering everything new in Shortcuts, plus took an extended break that allowed me to rerelease my Shortcuts Library at scale — thank you for your support during this time.

2023 brings a lot of promise for Shortcuts and particularly how much better prepared I am to share everything I know — and we’ll always have this archive of what’s come before to learn from.

Unfortunately, Twitter is imminently shutting down Revue and deleting all of the data — so, for now, I am exporting my list and will be importing everyone into a new service when I figure out where to move the newsletter.

I’ve also published every issue directly on my blog (where it can’t get deleted, except by me) and will experiment with the format going forward. I may simply back to those stories in a more minimal newsletter style — I’ll have to see as I test this and other newsletter services over the break.

I’m off next week for Christmas and then the next issue lands on the 2nd of the New Year, so I’ll see you… next year.

Until then, here’s what’s new in Shortcuts:

Guest appearances Offsite Podcasts

Clockwise 481: A Series of Shortcuts

I had the pleasure of being a guest on this week’s Clockwise podcast on Relay.FM alongside guest Kelly Guimont and hosts Mikah Sargent & Dan Moren. We talked about:

Whether we’d install a third-party app store on our phones, our most anticipated Matter devices, the tasks we’d pawn off onto an AI chatbot, and our non-holiday holiday traditions.

Always a pleasure to be a guest on Clockwise — and no I swear I’m not just a series of Shortcuts…


What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #089

Welcome to Issue 89 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — this week we saw the final beta release of iOS 16.2, which means the imminent public release (likely this Tuesday).

After the release is out, I’ve got plans to stream while playing around with the updates to the battery and wallpaper actions, plus any other changes we can find.

Speaking of streams, I had a fun time last week previewing the amazing Things actions coming soon and built a whole set for folks testing the beta — all the details below.

Plus, the ChatGPT shortcuts are getting even better, there’s a few good shortcuts ideas I’ve saved for future streams, and I’ve linked to five apps you should check out — enjoy:


What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #088

Welcome to Issue 88 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — this is a special double issue after I took a short break the week of Thanksgiving in the U.S!

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday were full of discounts as usual, and I did the typical scoff at all the things I surely didn’t need… before promptly spending a bunch of money. I upgraded my WiFi setup for better stability while streaming, got a second 4K monitor, and managed to talk myself into buying an entire second camera setup — I’m excited to put this all to good use.

Since the break, I’ve been hard at work on my livestream process, building out the next release of the Shortcuts Library, and put time into the behind-the-scenes setup work that’s necessary to make my upcoming YouTube videos.

I’ve also built out hundreds of new shortcuts for the Mac, livestreaming, Apple TV, recipes, meal planning, groceries, online shopping, deliveries, and affiliate linking — those are all still in-progress, so stay tuned there.

On the stream coming soon, I’ve got plans for working on Things, Pixelmator, and StreamDeck — plus anything else that might come up.

Until then, this issue is full of goodies — there’s nine new Shortcuts stories, a slew of ChatGPT automations, great ideas and shortcuts to download, plus app updates you don’t want to miss:


New diary entry on Letterboxd: All Quiet on the Western Front

Logged All Quiet on the Western Front, 2022 – ★★★★ on Letterboxd:


What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #087

Welcome to Issue 87 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — it’s Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. and that means downtime, Black Friday sales, and and the beginning of the extended holiday season.

In the current beta cycle, we’re at iOS 16.2 beta 3, which means a new “Get Battery Status” action is available for testers.

On the Shortcuts Catalog, I spent over 15 hours streaming around my shortcuts upload process, scraping information from .shortcut files, and working on the YouTube streaming process.

I’m basically solving my own problems live on-camera and stacking my progress to gain better momentum while developing in Shortcuts. Plus, I’m honing my streaming skills for future sessions — which will be a lot more approachable than these very complex discussions.

Otherwise, this week we have another great set of app updates, clever Shortcuts ideas, and more feedback from the community:


What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #086

Welcome to Issue 86 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — I can’t believe I’m already back up to this many issues after switching to Revue (and soon to another service), so thank you for reading along. ?

This week, we got Apple Frames 3.0 from team MacStories, there’s an intriguing set of apps who’ve upgraded their Shortcuts support, I found some helpful shortcuts for ADHD & autistic folks, and we’re seeing more & more good ideas around Color Filters.

Plus, I’ve started to release my Apple Watch updates — enjoy:


What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #085

Welcome to Issue 85 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — it’s been quite a week in the wake of new leadership at Twitter, but thankfully the Shortcuts community kept up their efforts in sharing good ideas.

Before we get to that all though, I saw in the news that Twitter will be shutting down Revue (the service I use to send these newsletters) by the end of the year.

Right now, I’m not sure what tool I’ll use to replace it — but I will import my subscriber list over so there shouldn’t be a change there, and I will let you all know of any news before I switch over.

However, I will have to rethink how I deliver the material, as Revue uniquely allows me to embed links and tweets easily/natively into the email — something other services don’t provide, especially for free. As such, this change means I may have to reconsider what I can feasibly offer.

I don’t have anything to share now, but I wanted to be transparent ahead of the change — plus, if you have any thoughts on what I should do, feel free to respond to this email and let me know:


What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #084

Welcome to Issue 84 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — I’m back after some time off for my 33rd birthday!

In the last two weeks, we saw the launch of this year’s iPadOS and macOS Ventura releases, Live Activities coming to iPhone 14 Pro in iOS 16.1, the M2 iPad Pro and 10th generation iPads shipping, and the next iOS beta dropping — lots has gone down.

I also have some exciting news: I have an Apple Watch Ultra review unit from Apple!

I’ll be working on my initial impressions after unboxing it, plus focusing on Apple Watch shortcuts/apps/tips (amongst others) in the coming weeks — fun times!

Until then, here’s what’s new in Shortcuts:


What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue #083

Welcome to Issue 83 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — this week has Apple announcement energy in the air, but no news as of yet.

iOS 16.1 is just over the horizon and with it iPadOS & macOS — I’ve written that line too many times, but it’s creeping up now.

Aside from some continued sync issues that I ended up ranting about, the community puttered along quietly in anticipation of what’s hopefully a more-stable period for Shortcuts ahead.

Until then, here’s what’s new in Shortcuts since the last issue:

Guest appearances Offsite

iOS Today 623: Supercharge Shortcuts With These Apps

I had the pleasure of being a guest host on this week’s iOS Today:

Matthew Cassinelli joins Rosemary Orchard this week to supercharge iPhone/iPad shortcuts with some very useful apps that enhance functionality. Matthew also explains App Shortcuts and how they’re organized in iOS 16.

Thanks to Rosemary for having me on again — and Mikah for taking a week off so I could host in his place! ?